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Dreamy India

Just the perfect combination for a sweet dream- soft beautiful textiles, organic cotton, and giving to the women in India…
Visit Raksha Bella for more.



The ease of DOSA‘s clothing and accessories are so attractive. It reminds me of the relaxed exotic vacations- no fuss, just calm, soft, fragrant.

I love the toned down colors, intricate prints with layers of texture..
You can visit their boutique in NYC or find them in the niches all over the world, and read about her on the NY Times. Wow… she is the reflection of who I would love to be…

DOSA- white

Dreaming of DOSA… the light, soft, natural fabrics with such sweet details.

Simplicity made beautiful.

you can read more about the founder Christina Kim’s involvement with the artisan community to develop her pieces via: TIME article.

Peruvian Connection

“WHAT WE DO: a celebration of art, culture and the fabric of human existence”.
This embroidered collection is just so sweet, I can see it in a simple neutral colored interior to add that special spark of color. Even better that you’ll be supporting the artisan communities and continuation of their skills.

Peruvian Connection works in collaboration with the artisans to reinterpret their traditional craft. They also work with micro finance organizations to support the artisan communities.

Pottery Barn and Artisans

So nice to see large upscale retailer Potterybarn incorporating artisan communities into their design and production process and giving them the credit.

“stoneware vases is handcrafted by artisans in a renowned family-owned ceramics studio that’s been thriving in the peaceful and artistically prolific province of Chang Mai, Thailand, for 20 years.”

Mexican offering bowl

The intricately beaded offering bowl from Mexico has such vivid color!

“The traditional beadwork created by the Huichol (pronounced wee-chol) Indians of Nayarit and Sinaloa Mexico is an artistic expression of their spiritual beliefs. Originally they beaded small gourd bowls to use as offerings to the gods.”

via World Folk

sanganer quilt

Looks so soft and light- it’s just wonderful to see techniques such as the Indian blockprint skills in fresh ways!

“sanganer quilt – lightweight summer quilt hand blockprinted in jaipur. paisley motifs and a border on the front, little sprig motifs on the back. cotton outer, cotton wadding filling. machine wash”
From a wonderful store TOAST from the UK.