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Kaftan Sleepwear

I’ve always wanted to collaborate on a sleepwear / loungewear project with an Indian or a Southeast Asian textile artisans. Being transported to a different land, time and culture…
pinecone hill kaftan

Really love this sleepware line from Pinecone Hill!



The ease of DOSA‘s clothing and accessories are so attractive. It reminds me of the relaxed exotic vacations- no fuss, just calm, soft, fragrant.

I love the toned down colors, intricate prints with layers of texture..
You can visit their boutique in NYC or find them in the niches all over the world, and read about her on the NY Times. Wow… she is the reflection of who I would love to be…

DOSA- white

Dreaming of DOSA… the light, soft, natural fabrics with such sweet details.

Simplicity made beautiful.

you can read more about the founder Christina Kim’s involvement with the artisan community to develop her pieces via: TIME article.

cozy 3rd season of the year…

The styling and colors in the Fall 08 catalogue for TOAST UK is just so nice and cozy.. is it already fall?

Check out the details of the pieces.. so nice.

Mexican offering bowl

The intricately beaded offering bowl from Mexico has such vivid color!

“The traditional beadwork created by the Huichol (pronounced wee-chol) Indians of Nayarit and Sinaloa Mexico is an artistic expression of their spiritual beliefs. Originally they beaded small gourd bowls to use as offerings to the gods.”

via World Folk

Sort of Coal

Since the 13th century, Asian countries like Japan and Korea have been producing active charcoal and used it as a natural element for absorbing humidity, odour and purifying water.

“At Sort of Coal our core desire is to birth a new understanding of the power and beauty of Asian Charcoal. We want to reinvent the Western perception of purity, where it does not attack our senses as with perfume and chemicals, but rather, awakens them.”

Jute and Yellow!

This Jute picnic cusion from TOASTfrom the UK. – the online store from UK that I can fill my home with!- is so sweet. I like the mix of natural jute with shot of bright yellow.