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Dreamy India

Just the perfect combination for a sweet dream- soft beautiful textiles, organic cotton, and giving to the women in India…
Visit Raksha Bella for more.



Re claiming Authenticity
“My journey into the world of the rural artisan communities was not with the intention of ‘developing’ them or educating them. I went to them to regain that which I had lost in the process of getting educated. To learn from them….” Really too much info to summarize it. Just go and read it and think about it!

Kumbham is about culture, learning, nature, growth, design, landscape, architecture, environment… about rehabilitating the essence of the artisan community in Aruvacode, India.

You can read more via Designboom!

African Development through Economics and the Arts

A beautiful opportunity for growth and commerce in Tanzania! ADEA supports artisan’s development from skill training and workshops, one-on-one detailed training and has a gift shop that promotes and carries the products. be sure to read the history section, it is really well told.

“At ADEA we are reaching into the culture and traditions of the Makonde, Makua and Yao tribes resulting in unique products that are highly desirable to the targeted market – the international visitor.”


Nest is a non-profit organisation that provides micro-credit loans to women artistes and artisans in developing countries.  Till now, Nest has provided micro-credit loans to women in eight countries — Brazil, Guatemala, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, India and Tanzania.



Tibet Artisan Initiative

“The Tibet Artisan Initiative offers, product design training, business skills training, financing, and market access to Tibetan artisans while seeking to incentivize small businesses to invest in core competencies and expand operations. Training and investment in local communities is not enough. Our final goal is to localize all operational management responsibilities to Tibetans, by creating profitable enterprises that are sustainable for the long term.”

handmade books!

While researching some illustrated books for a project that I am working on, I came across a beautiful book called The Night Life of Trees. Telling an Indian folklore, the whole book is handcrafted by three artists from the Gond tribe of Central India, and each page is silkscreened on black paper.

It’s by an amazing publishing house in India named Tara Publishing, who works with Indian artists on a lot of their illustrated books. I just ordered a bunch of books for myself, cant wait until they arrive!

via Book by It’s Cover

for the women…

Hands of Change has cute jewelry and an awesome cause! I also like that they support not only the women in far off places, but here in the US as well.

“Hands of Change is a non-profit arts and education organization dedicated to increasing awareness and generating aid for young women in crisis worldwide.”