.j roaman.

Just lovely!! The prints, the colors~~
These days I find quite a few studios that are truly a manifestation of my heart’s desires.
you have to see it.


Dreamy India

Just the perfect combination for a sweet dream- soft beautiful textiles, organic cotton, and giving to the women in India…
Visit Raksha Bella for more.

emma carroll

Mix of fun colors and shapes- made in leather!!
I like it because it’s funky, unexpected and totally light and easy to wear.

See more on her site: emmacarrolletcshop.bigcartel.com300

Kaftan Sleepwear

I’ve always wanted to collaborate on a sleepwear / loungewear project with an Indian or a Southeast Asian textile artisans. Being transported to a different land, time and culture…
pinecone hill kaftan

Really love this sleepware line from Pinecone Hill!

Survial International

Look into this… there is just too much info to write on this little blog of mine, but I hope that it ge’s your heart opening, like mine.

Culture is a beauty of us..

Pippa Small

Really pretty…

Pippa Small’s“two interests (anthropology and jewelry) merged while working on craft initiatives with indigenous communities such as the San Bushman of the Kalahari, the Batwa Pygmies of Rwanda, and the Kuna in Panama, helping them to research their traditional designs to generate self-sufficiency and income.”


The ease of DOSA‘s clothing and accessories are so attractive. It reminds me of the relaxed exotic vacations- no fuss, just calm, soft, fragrant.

I love the toned down colors, intricate prints with layers of texture..
You can visit their boutique in NYC or find them in the niches all over the world, and read about her on the NY Times. Wow… she is the reflection of who I would love to be…